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A day without the night wouldn’t be complete, just as a flame completes a spark. The same can be said about hats-especially dress hats. Every dress, suit,  attire awaits that special hat to bring it to completion. Almost every visitor to our site is in search of that special hat to complete that special look. Why do they look to Shenor?  Because, our hats scream quality, craftsmanship, design, and pride.  Wearing a Shenor hat is a transformative experience. It amplifies gorgeousness, elegance and sophistication. It makes you feel pretty. It makes you feel complete. From ceremonial events such as weddings and funerals, to the respected traditions of the Kentucky Derby and Sunday morning church services, for over 15 years Shenor hats have graced the heads of fine women like yourself- the world over. So, if you are looking for a hat to complete a look, welcome to SHENOR.COM
    When you purchase a Shenor hat, you can be sure that you have acquired a product that has been carefully designed and crafted to meet the highest standard. To produce a hat of total quality requires that all its parts, design, and assembly-process must also be of that quality.  Our hats are all unique pieces - no two hats are exactly alike. Shenor designers have been with the company for over ten years and they are some of the most skilled and sought after in the industry. When dressing hats, Shenor designers use nothing but the best in rhinestones, feathers, straws, mesh, and other accessories.  Each and every hat is personally inspected before shipment. Hats that do not meet our standards do not get ship - this helps us to maintain a high customer satisfaction.
    We understand that having the best products is one-half of the quality process. The other half is having good customer service people- and we do. While you shop on line, we are there if you need us. You can request anyone of our customer service representatives to call you. They are able to assist you with your selection process, order process, and return policies. If you need fashion advice, you may talk to anyone of our stylists. We want your total experience at Shenor.com to be enjoyable, helpful and informative and if you see an area where we can improve, we want to hear from you. Leave us a comment and tell us about your browsing and shopping experience while on our site. 

    Completing your look completes ours